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I’m sure Logitech wont fix the problem, they’d rather you just buy a new mouse. It only works if it is 7 or 8 inches from my DELL laptop. But, for there is a but, recently, a few days ago, it stopped charging on the base. Until logitech starts writing useful drivers for their products, i’ll continue to avoid buying those products. Basically I don’t play shooters now because it is just really frustrating.

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Logitech has hit a home run with this mouse. In other words the mouse is dead! The battery life of mx is greatly improved from mx The logitech logo wears off after just a few days of buying the mouse.

It was great until a week ago when it started thinking for itself. The weight is just right, the corfless meter is a good idea and never goes down, due to the amazing battery lifethe charger is great, the reception is AMAZING, the added buttons are extremely useful and well-designed Does some one know of any other optical cordless mouse not necessarily laser that has this kind of range?

Logitech Mx Wireless Laser Cordless Mouse Pc/mac | eBay

I have been using it for a month now. It is a backwards step from the MX logitrch seemed to allow many more assignments to the buttons that the MX does.


By the way, the new PC is running Vista. Keep posting your stories, problems, and possible solutions on this and other boards, and post links back and forth to other posts to bring attention to Logitech’s customer service and quality problems and to help Logitech’s execs fix these problems for their own good and ours. I have exchanged this mouse at the store where it was purchased and am currently attempting to return it a second time. I was forced to purchase the Mircosoft Laser mouse.

Computing doesn’t get any better than this. This mouse is terrible. Ask any first-generation Playstation 2 owner how long it took for their PS2 to take a dive. Cursor moves suddenly to the left, the buttons are sticky, it takes for ever to register a double click.

Took it to PC World where I was informed that after 28 days, they are longer responsible for it. That is very annoying, at least with heavy mouse like this. Like other posters said, for the dough, I didn’t expect bs problems.

Reinstalling the latest version didn’t work. Just be sure to get UberOptions because “cruise up” sucks but throwing a grenade with it rocks! On the mac side it’s equally worthless. I’ve repositioned my receiver to many new locations as people have suggested and it doesn’t fix the problem.


I believe Sony has six or seven generations of the PS2 out. I hope this helps you. My old bluetooth optical mouse works much better than this, but it sucks up batteries like hell.

What operating system and hardware, etc are you people running when you have problems with cord,ess In this review we’ll take a closer look to see Logitech’s promises are true.

DV Hardware review – Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse

This is really only an issue when gameing, but that’s my primary use for my PC. The battery has been slowly draining and the mouse no longer charges in the dock. Must be one of the coordless of a dark vision. One other thing, in Battlefield 2, it sometimes has jerky movement in a helicopter.

All you ppl who cant use it cuz its too sensitive need to grow up cuz this mouse is md1000. Again I took it apart and cleaned it and now it works perfectly again.