A convenient feature is ID-card copy, with which the front and reverse of any driving licence, identity card or similar can conveniently be copied onto a single sheet. If the unit moves or falls, it may cause personal injury. Use of an adapter leads to the product connecting to inadequate power supply voltage, current capacity, grounding , and may result in fire or shock. When in doubt about the nature of an original, consult with legal counsel. Normally, a malfunction code beginning with “C” appears in the service call screen. Or, make a reduced copy at a zoom ratio appropriate to fit the paper size. This completes removing the printer driver.

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Indicates that special paper is selected. This combination possibility does not exist during operation.

Installing Using Plug And Play After finishing the installation, make sure that the icon for the installed printer is displayed in the [Print- ers] window.

For each finished copy image, refer to page Uninstalling The Scanner Driver In iheo dialog box for confirming if you are sure to remove the scanner, click [Yes].

Select the paper tray that is loaded with paper of the same orientation as the original. Available Copy Features Available copy features Copy function Available copy features These are the 16 features that can be used in this machine. Otherwise, some parts of the image may be lost.


The [Found New Hardware] dialog box appears.

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If the error is still not corrected, contact your service representa- tive. A fire, electrical shock, or breakdown could result.

Up to 20 characters can be entered for the registered name. An error may have occurred on this machine. Some products have a high-voltage part or a 1164 beam source inside that could cause an electrical shock or blindness.

A registered watermark can also be edited or its settings changed. As an example, the procedure using Adobe Acrobat 7.

If the problem is not corrected after the described operation is performed, contact your service representative. You may use the Software and accompanying Font Programs for imaging to the licensed output device ssolely for your own internal business purposes. Do not load so many sheets of paper that the top of the stack is 1664 than themark.

All about Copiers and Printers: Konica Minolta Bizhub / Develop Ineo Review

Wipe the Original Glass with a soft, dry cloth. Adhesive that contains solvent e. The print data waits in a queue for printing. Mode B cannot be set. Government End Users acquire the Software with only those rights set forth herein.


Develop ineo 164 Printers User Guide Manual Pdf

BMP The abbreviation for bitmap. Load paper that is half the size of the original. Note, however, that the light coming through the Original Glass is not a laser beam, and will not expose the user to the 16 hazards.

In Windows 7, click [Start], and then [Devices and Printers]. Paper storage Store paper in a cool, dark location with little humidity.

Konica Minolta bizhub / Develop ineo Photocopier KENT DEALER

Basic copy operations 1 Place the original face down on the Original Glass. Options The original is scanned by the scanner section, and the scanned image is printed by the printer section. Still, an additional printer wizard can also be used to install the printer driver. Indicates that the second side of recycled paper is selected. This is an electronically formatted document with file extension of “.

BMP covers the color depth from monochrome 2 values to full color 16, colors.