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Time to raid the local shops and see what I can grab! My guess is you have it wired for recording to the VCR instead of playback from it. There are two ways to wire a scart to composite adapter, depending on whether it is used for recording or playback. Thanks for the apps suggestions. I think my issue is an ATI issue. The video card driver and Catalyst are two seperate entities. I don’t think that that card has an analog to digital converter so it cannot be used for that.

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I don’t remember the details, but if there is some option or checkbox to say that you can ALWAYS use an external app you probably don’t want to do that. I also tried the latest stable VirtualDUB 1. I created my own best setting for capture.

Stop capture before to execute this operation”. Uninstall everything — everything — and then load what came on your CD. Unknown Avsstream Error Asked by Rob I had this problem when I first bought the card.


MS Vista Home Premium updated. Both had the TV part fail this week immediatly agter a critical fix was installed automatically by windows. I had a look at the FAQ and Capture Guide and it seems I’m connected correctly as far as I can understandbut can’t understand why I can’t view video?

ATI T Unified AVStream – Software Patch

First you will need to clean out any old installs. Then I select my custom option as the default capture within the Recording Preset, roll the VHS tape and then press capture.

Do you have on board graphics or, if you don’t know, what motherboard do you have? I’m with you Richard This might not be helpful specifically, but I don’t have onboard video How do I turn that off?

Thanks for the apps suggestions. And thanks for your help! Maybe even uninstall the card itself via device manager before installing the original drivers.

VHS to PC capture, cabling problem! [Archive] – Doom9’s Forum

Already have an account? Posted March 3, Uninstall everything again, from every location possible. I just changed the powersuply Manually update the drivers for each device right click on it from what’s on avsrteam CD. Both started working again when I did a sytem restore to the day before windows installed the fix.


Over the years I have had my share of problems with it, usually with the Titan TV application going flakey, but nothing that has involved days to fix or having to reload system AGP drivers or reseat the video card. I guess I bought capure card about years ago.

Windows XP: INF for ATI T200 Unified AVStream v8.252.0.0 (32bit)

HP w wide – o. Captkre even disabled my internet connection so that nothing could be downloaded from internet I’ve used the AIW for years.

OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Similar Threads marantz dv anyone? If that’s the case, why do you have the card’s input set to composite? The MPEG2 capture works just fine.