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So I used the external. To fix the wireless obtain a copy of the “Atheros. Please add hardware into tables. Overall I’m very impressed with the speed and performance of the system after the 6 minute boot-up time! I installed on internal hard disk. Guide can be found here: All burns completed successfully.

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I stupidly installed the Leopard Graphics Update 1.

HCL 10.5.2/Portables

This scrambled my display on both screens. After copying the above three kexts you might have to configure the use of this kext using boot-args. This post may not always be updated as there may not always be time to do so. Post Install Dell Package 1.

PLZ Help Need atheros arx kexts for Snow Leopard – OSx86 (Snow Leopard) – InsanelyMac Forum

With resolution switching Don’t press detect Monitors button. I initially installed the included seatbelt kext, but it didn’t solve the dmg mounting issue. Then a new network interface was detected. Don’t add hardware just because you think it might work.

After bootup click ok. Yeah I know you just installed it so why remove them?


I did not select a kernel in setup, so it chose the default vanilla kernal, which works. Only DVD-R proved successful for the actual installation.

That’s the whole essence and philosophy of myHack: There’s a detailed article on the Web site that explains how to modify this a simple character string.

Sign in Already have an account? Results 1 to 10 of Seems a little less stable than iDeneb v1.

Intel abg not functional but detected after installing the beta drivers; the LED works; wireless networks are not found and connections cannot be made. Now we need to setup the password for the account root.

Had to fix by booting install disk, going to terminal and removing all graphics related kexts.

Works out of Box Processor: Type exit hit enter. What you initially did was correct, but your subsequent assumptions were erroneous. I had to take my laptops HDD and put it in my external HDD case and instal it on my moms dell which has a core duo T processor to install, as kalyway forgot a file which prevents booting on SSE2 at the install, then I moved it back to the laptop and presto, it works. Now make a partition by clicking on partition near the top go down near the bottom and click on options and make sure it is set as MBR Master Boot Record and make that partition.


You must disable multi-core processing within BIOS.

HCL /Portables – OSx86

Sign in Already have atherps account? I also then added the UK keyboard layout form the NC10 page here http: A good walkthrough guide can be found here: Basically followed this post, but used ezH20 tool instead of decompressing and compressing the bios see [60]. Now use OSX86 Tools to install all of the above kexts.

Once you have it working, get Don’t forget to add how you got OSx86 running on your portable x86 computer, and to use proper English. Disabled don’t freak out we’ll turn it back on later Boot Priority: Hopefully people discussing this and other intel chipset based Toshs here [85].