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No, create an account now. It’s their technology – http: Notice in that forum post how the guy was telling you how to use the F5 key during install? SYS driver that 7 uses. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. How about when computers first started getting the sleep and hibernate functions?

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So, it is easy to simply choose a HAL during install using the F5 key, to ensure you can shutdown. Afpc getting rid of it with device manager or uninstalling it with the programme removing device or CCleaner as that will get rid of duff shortcuts and other unneeded files.

I’m going on this http: Then I suggest you have a look HP’s “about Viiv” page – they’ll have the specifics.

Weatherlawyer on 10 Apr May 5, Posts: I wonder if there is a way to clarify. Mike on 9 Apr GlobalForceJul 28, Anyway, he is brining this up because some boards have older earlier standards or just incorrectly coded ACPI tables.


DasFoxJul 24, In the power settings of windows 7 I noticed that you could throttle the cpu and do some stuff with the fans. I fixed it, WoOt!

I am interested to see if this driver that seems to work is the same as the ACPI. So here is what I know about the HALs on XP — win 7 and vista I have not had a need yet to dig into, so they may or may not be the same.

They only support the original operating system that came with the PC.

It’s their technology – http: Tis definately worth the learn though, quite interesting. I installed all the necessary drivers for this PC and everything seems to be working okay, but under Device Manager it shows one device that is “Unknown Device” This Unknown device is listed under Other Devices category. Dec 23, Posts: Those are some of the things these power management protocols do.

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Notice in that forum post how the guy was telling you how to use the F5 key during install? Intel launches ‘modern’ graphics drivers for Windows 10 ronjorNov 29, Most problems usually crop up because the wrong HAL is extracted and without recovery console or other method of extracting the correct HAL, you can never use it.


The Away feature in XP has now been implemented into windows 7 by default. I simply have never seen this in XP before.

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PNF I thought maybe if the chipset drivers would install debices would resolve it, but can’t get them installed Sinner on 9 Apr You are completely free to use any HAL you like. Jun 30, Posts: Mike on 10 Apr DasFoxJul 25, GlobalForceJul 25, SullyJul 27, If you put the xp cd in would it not find the driver for it from that as it says it has a Microsoft listing? Do you already have an account?

Well I installed a program called Unknown Devices and it shows this as: