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She mentions Beth Moore: Simon Cowell admitted that the sixth season's crown should have rightfully gone to Melinda. I have wonderful news for anyone who has struggled with homosexual sin. You can be a strong Christian and not be a bigot. It does mean we're going to get a heftier amount of female votes and it's always bent towards the boys, obviously, we are very much aware that the voting can be skewed towards the boys. Somebody needed to grab Miss Mandisa and told her to keep her damn mouth shut over these issues. An unsuccessful campaign to bring Magnus back into the show was started by her fans.

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It drew criticisms that the producers of American Idol were turning a somber occasion of national mourning into a "giant promotional opportunity".

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More anti-gay hate speech courtesy of Mandisa

FOX executives apologized, and during the season eight Top 2 performance show, host Ryan Seacrest warned viewers that the finale would run overtime. Satan supplies a slightly older woman who seems tender and caring. To this day, it continues to be my favorite moment on the show. American Idol had come under fire for maintaining what some claim to be total control of the careers of the contestants that sign with their company, 19 Entertainment. I couldn't believe he said that because of what he'd said to my face. Are the judges to blame for Pia's shocking 'American Idol' exit? Due to this, Tim Urbanthe contestant that was eliminated that night, did not get to sing his final song.

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I never dreamed that in just a few short months the Lord would put me on a stage before thousands of beautiful women of every age, race, and denomination all worshipping Him together! Around phone-phreak hackers with power-dialing hardware and software were reported to be able to place as many as 10, votes a night from a single phone line with the touch of a button. I want people to know what Christianity looks like. The Idol gag-order prevents her from speaking about it without permission. So, um, if she won't perform for gay people

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