Arguments against gay parenting

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The well-being of the children would improve considerably were same-sex relationships legally recognized and socially respected, and were same-sex parents treated as adequate parents. Journal of Homosexuality, 30, 63— Although most people probably associate deontologists with the more conservative groups in the society, there is no theoretical association. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Help Center Find new research papers in:

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People using this standard demand ideal circumstances.

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This lazy and incredibly faulty study is already being used to argue against same-sex marriage rights for gay couples. A lesbian-femi- Gamson, Joshua. Is there an asymmetry between male and female same-sex couples? However, due to the gap created by the translation, there is no reason why they would change their mind. Many of the same-sex "romantic relationships" reported in the study were undoubtedly extramarital affairs; extramarital affairs, unsurprisingly, tend to destabilize marriages, and destabilized marriages tend to lead to poorer outcomes for children. Reproduction in a setting that does not conform to the heterosexual married parents with their genetic children is assumed to have negative consequences for the children Golombok,

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However, while dis- Beyond these basic parental rights, lesbian cussed across psychology and the social sci- and gay parents are also widely discriminated ences e. This reasoning is based on several underlying premises that are hard to defend. This argument, however, needs a complex framework in order to be understood and used properly. Lesbian and gay parenting: Why focus on sexual orientation?

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