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At the beginning of the Wizard of Oz the scenes are all shot in black and white. Gaining this weight never made me hate my body, but the online bullying I experienced took a huge toll on me. I remember being with two gay friends at a pride parade, when suddenly both their parents showed up with T-shirts saying "My son is gay and I'm proud of him! Master Markus 8 months ago I like the "Resist Bigly" shirts. People commented on my photos everyday calling me fat and ugly, making fun of my stretch marks and love handles, commenting things like "wow you used to be hot what happened to you" as if I wasn't a real person who was impacted by these cruel words. Krishna Vishwas 8 months ago Now I wish I was gay man. Tiia Halminen 8 months ago Who else read it in Consuelas voice?

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Monica Michelle 8 months ago I can not understand why anyone would fight so hard and spend so much money against something that does not affect them.

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88 Hilarious Pride Signs That Will Make Even Homophobes Laugh Out Loud

Master Markus 8 months ago Tim Minchin has a good song for this: Creating a joke out of nothing, mocking people even to extreme degrees, self-deprecating humor, ability to laugh at even the smallest of stuffs — these have now evolved into a huge industry that includes every aspect of human pop culture. Stannous Flouride 8 months ago Nice touch. InnocentLookingPervert 8 months ago i cant tell if his clothes look like gru's or sherlock. This is the scariest yet most empowering post I've ever made.

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I deactivated this account for almost a year October — June because I needed a mental health break and needed to regain my confidence, knowing that so many of you look up to me for that. What, are you telling us it's not just a phase?! I love how this a sign advertising for a storage company and at the same time, they threw in a message of tolerance with the same casual indifference as if they were telling you to look both ways before crossing the street. A post shared by Mina Gerges itsminagerges on Sep 1, at 9: The symbolism surrounding the gay community has evolved a lot since Gilbert Baker designed the famous rainbow flag.

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