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Hopefully this doesn't block me from having the surgery during the time I want. Ramirez has worked for El Pollo Loco for four years and knows many of the regulars. August 22nd, 0 Breaking News: It was clear that they were not used to trans patients, so they treated me like how they saw me. She just happened to like their menu. Basically, if I had waited until next August to request hormones then I would need to do another gender assessment, which is bullshit.

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The therapist aren't sure what to do with NB peeps.

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Transgender Surgery InstituteĀ®

To learn more about Kaiser Permanente Southern California, visit kp. Jessica I love you. Skip to main content. She acquired several more stores by the time she transitioned in Our specialist teams consist of clinicians from surgery, internal medicine, endocrinology, gynecology, psychiatry, social services, and nurse care coordinators. I also don't need to be on hormones since I'm over Sometimes I think they are convinced all patients are idiots.

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Scott MosserDr. Please login or register. I am not sure how full-time gender would work for me either as I am non-binary and would like to mostly keep my female body but want certain changes smaller breasts, less curve, if at all possible I would love male secondary genitalia Had my top surgery consult with Dr. Was still rough since I had to recount a traumatic incident to the gender therapist. I was good that I did because my letter was on my chart and not in the system. He stares at the computer screen and only comments when he disagrees with something you said.

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