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If anything, I think it was just a wink and nod towards noco fangirls, as they seemed to have made up a good portion of Noah's cult following. Katie isn't 'black' and using that word is actually quite racist. She just exposed herself to Duncan and myself. Like it's my choice and I don't know what to do! The writers ran with this for the first few seasons, but gradually and then suddenly abandoned this idea to appeal to a "safer demographic".

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Izzy was changing the lyrics to call me maybe and laughing like an idiot about it!

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Total Drama Island gay characters?

Throughout the first three episodes Noah continues to display these behavioral patterns. That means the guys are stuck in Geoff's room and they aren't too happy about it As soon as Noah arrives on the island, he immediately asks Chris if he received a list of his accommodations before mocking his surroundings in an unimpressed tone. I know they like boys but i strongly think Katie and Sadie are somewhat gay for eachother. It was really catchy and they were really into it. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

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They wanted to make sure she was okay and having fun. I have never met a black girl named Katie. Oh, and they're pretty sure these girls are hitting on them! Just the ones I mentioned. For Noah, it's of course the scene where he kissed Cody.

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