Scientific study of gay traits

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Camperio Ciani; P. Those who are fearful of being stigmatized or worse, simply hide their propensity and marry the opposite gender. One of the most obvious risks has to do with genetic testing, especially of children. According to Bem, this feeling of difference will evoke psychological arousal when the child is near members of the gender which it considers as being 'different'. Comment Please enter a comment.

scientific study of gay traits
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Some researchers state that solid scientific support for this is lacking.

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Study participants were interviewed using a questionnaire that asked about separation anxiety—more specifically, the distress and worry they experienced as a child in relation to being separated from a parental figure. Biological theories for explaining the causes of sexual orientation are favored by scientists [1] and involve a complex interplay of genetic factors, the early uterine environment and brain structure. Other research has found that this gene, called SLITRK6is active in the hypothalamus of male mice fetuses a few days before they are born.

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People who offer to participate in a study, without being randomly selected, may not reflect the general population, he says.

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