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Kenny's sister also refers to Kenny as a girl, if you talk to her in the McCormick house. The duo insisted they grew tired of upholding the tradition of having Kenny die in each episode. In " Put It Down ", he is killed off-screen by a driver on his phone, as his picture is shown among those of kids killed by driver on phone texting tribute. Hindsight ", " Mysterion Rises " and " Coon vs. Meghan Markle's bodyguard leaves role after six months Meghan's bodyguard, the first female to hold such Start your free trial.

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He also has a younger sister who is shown with his family in the season nine episode " Best Friends Forever ", but does not appear until the 15th season episode " The Poor Kid ", where her name is revealed to be Karenwhom he loves unconditionally.

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Kenny McCormick

Celebrity News Ex is best: I think a lot of people probably haven't noticed. The first explanation given for Kenny's deaths and reappearances was given in " Cartman Joins NAMBLA ", wherein the McCormicks have a baby exactly like Kenny, including the characteristic orange parka, shortly after the former Kenny dies. Also in this section. Jodi 29 episodes, The nature of the deaths were often gruesome and portrayed in a comically absurd fashion, [6] and usually followed by Stan and Kyle respectively yelling "Oh my God!

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Eric Cartman commented on Kenny's deaths in the episode " Cartmanland ", when he is being sued for unsafe rides insisting to attorneys representing his family that "Kenny dies all the time! Translate to English Translate to English Impressum. The Fractured but Whole Randall Auxierentitled "Killing Kenny: Drake took aim at the Our Daily Dose of Death", suggests that the fashion of the recurring gag serves to help the viewer become more comfortable with the inevitability of their own death. Kenny also appears in six South Park -related video games:

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