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After being released from jail L. Such data points to the existence of greater and urgent problems for policy makers and governmental officials concerning the gay homeless youth. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth: National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce, December 14, When his Puerto Rican family found out about his sexuality they forced him to leave home.

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Van Leeuwen, et al.

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Gay Homeless Youth and their Lives on the Streets of New York City

American Journal of Public Health, 92 5 Much of the recent discussion concerning the gay community is relegated to the topic of gay marriage. Often enough, the communities the youngsters escape from provide no examples for an accepted and tolerated gay life to live, especially when it comes to black or Latino cultural backgrounds. New York, August 9, Consequently, after the AFC staff learned from the maltreated boy about what he had gone through, and due to the fact that the Covenant House is partly funded by public tax money, the AFC filed a suit against this institution.

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Even with the legalization of same-sex marriage and various global initiatives that promote LGBTQ2S equality, homophobia and transphobia are still deeply ingrained in our everyday behaviours, language, and in the policies of many institutions, such as, the shelter system; however, they are often normalized and invisible in such settings. However, the slow growth of the Center is far outpaced by the already existing and growing numbers of LGBT homeless youth. Van Leeuwen, et al. Wilder Foundation found out that 10 to 20 percent of homeless youth are dependent on drugs. This slow gentrification can be seen exemplary at the Chelsea pears, to be specific at Pier

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