Gay marriage a civil rights issue

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For Democrats like Frank, the "real struggle" is in getting John Kerry elected in November--and so he wants activists to delay the their fight so that a Democrat who opposes gay marriage can take the White House. Couples lined up in the thousands on the courthouse steps in San Francisco after Mayor Gavin Newsom announced that same-sex marriage licenses would be issued beginning February In Massachusetts, those who advocate the legal road have played down setbacks and refused to admit defeats--as when the state legislature took the first steps toward passing a constitutional ban on gay marriage earlier this year. There is no shortcut. Ever since the Supreme Judicial Court ruled in favor of gay marriage in November, antigay politicians have worked tirelessly to block the licenses.

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There is no shortcut.

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Southern Baptists Agree Same-Sex Marriage Not a Civil Rights Issue

There is no shortcut. Heterosexual marriage partners will still be able to engage in sexual intercourse and potentially procreate children; homosexual partners will still not be able to engage in such intercourse. In that sense the question of marriage is not first of all a religious matter in the sense in which most people use the word "religion. Mayor Jason West of the Green Party issued licenses in open defiance of state laws. Home page Back to the top.

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But not nearly like you all can. Law that is just must begin by properly recognizing and distinguishing identities and differences in reality in order to be able to give each its legal due. Those who want church weddings can have them, but marriage is a matter of civil law. Massachusetts activists for gay marriage have relied on a purely legal strategy to defend the Goodridge decision. This will be the key to the struggles for gay marriage that lie ahead.

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